Emma and Mike | Wolffer Estate Proposal


Jan 3, 2019

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I cannot think of a more exciting life event (outside of a wedding) that deserves to be photographed other than a proposal. But this was no ordinary proposal – this was the proposal of my two best friends.

Emma and Mike have been dating since May 2012 as seniors in high school. I had the great fortune of meeting these two just several months later as we began our freshman year at the University of Notre Dame. I would share more about the history of their relationship, but honestly I need to save some material for their wedding day!

Let’s fast forward to August 2018, over six years after Emma and Mike’s first date. Mike gave me a call and told me of his intentions to propose and wanted my help with photographing the proposal. After two months of back and forth calls and texts, I was on a plane to New York City to photograph Emma and Mike’s proposal in East Hampton.

Originally set for the Wolffer Estate, we had to move the proposal to the Wolffer Estate Wine Stand due to a wedding taking place at the original location. Mike and I had been texting throughout the day, coordinating locations to make sure we wouldn’t run into each other. That sure would ruin the surprise for Emma! When I got to the Wine Stand, Mike and I met up quickly to discuss the plan.

About 45 minutes later, off went Emma and Mike for their proposal! I cannot reiterate enough how special it was to capture this moment for two people I love so much. These two are so deserving of a life filled with love, joy, and laughter.

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